Pietro Lovato
Founder and Managing Director
Alessandra Lovato
Sales Manager

A brand that brings together objects, stories and experiences, in full Made in Italy style.
The Lovatos have been a point of reference for each worker in the company since day one. A family.

Starting from a small workshop, Pietro Lovato developed a company that has been producing professional seating since 1980.

His experience as an entrepreneur joins the young spirit of the new generation to pursue the company's objective and underlying philosophy: looking to the future and innovation, starting from a strong and solid tradition.

Like a seed that grows, the original idea evolves together with the people and their strategies, transforming the small workshop into a structured company.

Claudia Lovato
Production Director
Arianna Lovato
Production Manager
Italian excellence

Family brands


Lovato Srl

It all started with a small workshop from which Pietro Lovato was able to develop the business that has been producing professional seating ever since.


Moving Srl

To give more visibility to the company also in the foreign market, a new enterprise was created: the Moving srl whose name derives from Pietro Lovato's main characteristic of movement and which carries on the production initially started with the Lovato srl.


Pietro Lovato

Because style is an interpretation of beauty, the wonderful mirror of being in appearing.


Dimusa Cile Collection

In order to promote Moving technology and Italian style, Dimusa was founded, a branch that, operating within the values and guidelines of the main company, assembles, upholsters and sells office chairs throughout South America.


Balsameria Casa Lovato

A project that was born from Pietro Lovato's love for his homeland, a vital brand, proud of his roots.


Giola Smart Chairs

Brand created to meet market demands whenever the project imposes highly competitive prices, without sacrificing Moving quality.


Evima Wellness System

The latest brand that has been created comes from Pietro Lovato's desire to bring greater well-being into every person’s life through experience in the field of comfort and ergonomics.