How a moving chair is created

All our chairs are 100% made in Moving, designed and manufactured entirely in-house. The idea, the research, the project and then the choice of materials, the production and the quality control. From the production of the mould to the final assembly of the seat and its testing. This is combined with the design and style, aesthetics and elegance that make Italy famous throughout the world.


Every Moving product stems not only from the creativity and imagination of the owner himself but also from a study of market needs.


Every single idea is then internally developed by Moving's technical designers through three-dimensional sketches.

Realisation of the mould

By using 3D programs, the technical department realizes the mould, which is then created in our workshop.

Choice of materials

Moving carefully selects the materials to use, thus guaranteeing a maximum product quality.

Material testing

Before proceeding with the production of components, our staff make some tests on the material to verify the quality.

Production of metal components

The company distinguishes itself from the competition precisely by the in-house production of all components starting exactly from metal components.

Plastic components moulding

A large department of our company is also equipped for the production of plastic components.

Component assembly

Some sub-components are then assembled together to create what are the macro components of the seats, e.g. the mechanisms.

Component testing

Each single macro components is then carefully tested to verify its functionality.

Fabric cutting

Our upholstery department is divided into several stages, including fabric cutting, which is carried out by very advanced machines.

Sewing department

The cut fabrics are then sewn with the use of machines or industrial sewing machines, to later proceed to the upholstery of the various seats and backrests.

Chair assembly

Once all the components are ready we proceed with the assembly to create the finished product.

Quality control

Our production cycle ends with a meticulous quality control and cleaning of each seat before it is packed and then shipped.


We have always been careful about the environmental theme and the impact of our activity on the territory.
Our environmental goals are reflected in our ongoing commitment to:

  • increase the environmental awareness of workers, contractors and suppliers;
  • manage the waste, reducing the produced quantities, through the optimization of recycling;
  • promote a systematic reduction of energy consumption towards forms that are more and more environmentally compatible, sustainable and efficient.

We are committed to constantly monitoring the evolution of regulations and ensuring the compliance with all the mandatory laws and applicable rules to finished products.

Respect for the planet guides all our choices: we pay attention to the materials we use to shape our chairs and all our products have a high percentage of recyclability. We believe in a more eco-friendly and caring future and that is why we will still improve!

Family is everything for us and we want to leave a cleaner world to our children and grandchildren. We have renovated the roof of our production facility, removing the old and potentially harmful materials and installing solar panels through which we generate energy for the production of our chairs.


Quality guides Moving's work in every field thanks to a strict control and monitoring of all the processes, a careful planning and management of production and a final check of every item produced.

The quality management system has been progressively developed through continuous adaptations to international standards and through specific requirements of customers with the total involvement of management, operational and production processes.